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Our lab is looking for new postdocs and graduate students!
We are committed to building an inclusive environment and we welcome candidates from diverse backgrounds.

Postdoctoral Fellowships in Membrane Biophysics, Cell Biology and Quantitative Microscopy


Projects: Our broad goal is to define the molecular mechanisms responsible for shaping and organizing cellular membranes. Our work utilizes both in vitro model membrane studies and live cell assays, both of which make extensive use of quantitative microscopy methods such as FRET, TIRF, FRAP, FCS, and FLIM. A current focus of our work is to understand how multiple mechanisms of membrane remodeling work together to control the shapes of trafficking vesicles and organelles. Within these broad areas, postdoctoral fellows are invited to define their own specific scientific questions. 


Training opportunities: The postdoctoral researcher will have excellent training opportunities in (i) model membrane systems, (ii) quantitative live cell experiments, (iii) molecular biology techniques including preparation of recombinant proteins, (iv) cell biology techniques including cell line preparation and gene editing, (v) quantitative microscopy including FRET, TIRF, FRAP, FCS, FLIM, and super resolution techniques, (vi) scientific writing including manuscripts and proposals, (vii) technical presentations at both national meetings and small conferences, (viii) professional networking at meetings and among collaborators. 


Desired skills: Strong motivation for independent research; solid doctoral publication record; doctoral training in experimental cell biology, biophysics, bioengineering, or a combination; strong interest in quantitative bioscience. 


Project funding: The postdoc will be funded one of the labs existing/renewable NIH and NSF grants. The postdoc will also be encouraged to apply for fellowship support. Through extensive one-on-one mentoring, the lab has helped several previous trainees to win individual training fellowships such as the NIH F32 and F31 awards. 

Career opportunities: Postdocs and graduate students from our group have gone on to do exciting work in academia and industry. Check out our alumni page for more information.

Get in touch: Please send Jeanne an email ( with your CV and a brief letter describing your interest in the position, along with any questions you may have.

Graduate student positions available!

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