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We are a diverse group of scientists and engineers who share a passion for cellular membranes, their biophysical properties, and their therapeutic applications.

Principal Investigator


Dr. Jeanne C. Stachowiak

Associate Professor
Department of Biomedical Engineering
Institute for Cellular and Molecular Biology
The University of Texas at Austin
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Email: jcstach@austin.utexas.edu



Dr. Carl Hayden

Senior Research Fellow

PhD: University of California, Berkeley; Physical Chemistry

Email: c.hayden@austin.utexas.edu

Postdoctoral Scholars

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Dr. Sayantan Chatterjee

Postdoctoral Fellow

PhD: University of California, Davis; Chemical Engineering

Email: wadezeno@utexas.edu

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Dr. Yohan Lee

Postdoctoral Fellow

PhD: KAIST, Korea; Biomedical Engineering

Graduate Students


Justin Houser

Graduate Student

BS: University of Texas, Austin; Biomedical Engineering

Email: justin.houser@utexas.edu


Sadhana Gollapudi

Graduate Student

BS: University of Houston; Biochemistry

Email: s.gollapudi@utexas.edu


Grant Ashby

Graduate Student

BS: Georgia Tech; Biomedical Engineering

Email: grantashby@utexas.edu


Feng Yuan

Graduate Student

MS: Shanghai Jiao Tong University; Materials Science and Engineering

Email: feng.yuan@utexas.edu


Kristin Graham

Graduate Student

BS: Texas A&M University; Biochemistry

Email: kristingraham@utexas.edu

Caleb Walker from lab photo crop.tif

Caleb Walker

Graduate Student

BS: Utah State University: Bioengineering

Email: caleb.walker@utexas.edu


Ketsia Zinga

Graduate Student

BS: Columbia University; Biomedical Engineering

Email: kzinga@utexas.edu

Advika Kamatar.jpg

Advika Kamatar

Graduate Student

BS: University of Oaklahoma; Biomedical Engineering



Brandon Malady.jpg

Brandon Malady

Graduate Student

BS: University of California, San Diego; Chemistry

Email: brandonmalady@gmail.com

Undergraduate Students

Sabah Jamal.jpg

Sabah Jamal

Undergraduate Student

Aly Lydak.jpg

Aly Lydak

Undergraduate Student

arjun Sangnani_edited.jpg

Arjun Sangani

Undergraduate Student

noel Yangheadshot2020_.jpg

Noel Yang

Undergraduate Student